Construction Supervisor – Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide



There are hundreds of Cal/OSHA Safety Orders that a Construction Supervisor must comply with while building the job.

The “Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide” is filled with loads of compliance guidance and back up references.  It is all “meat and potatoes” and easy to use.

But wait, there is more…tied with Osha Tools, the reader is linked to over 65 safety publications, available for immediate download or eSharing with the crew.

More than a single book, it is a Safety Toolbox for Supervisors.

Be one step ahead of the “Safety Inspector.” Know what they are looking for before they walk the job.

Open the “Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide” to any page for tailgate training topics.

Mike built the “Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide” from his years of walking the job with Construction Supervisors and reviewing hundreds of Agency publications.

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 Buying 10 or more?  Contact Osha Tools:

(831) 212-0093

BONUS  – guided access to safety publication toolbox.

The “Cal/OSHA Compliance Guide” summarizes selected construction safety standards from the California Code of Regulations. Included are over fifty major topics, hundreds of sub topics — every page contains “need-to-know” information, presented in an easy to use format.

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